I want to be nude

Rules Of Conduct

As a community of nudists our members are families who practice Social Nudity when it does not intrude on the rights or privacy of others. We welcome to our community those who share our values and who wish to build a place where we can practice Social Nudity in comfort and harmony as families. You and your guests must abide by the Rules of Conduct outlined here while you attending any event as a guest or member of our community.

  • Any kind overt sexual behavior physically or verbally will not be tolerated.
  • No photography or video is allowed without the expressed permission of the Manager and everyone in picture/video, including those in the background. A child’s verbal consent and the parent’s written consent are required when taking photos/videos of children.
  • No glass around any of the pool areas that exists at our events.
  • No open fires are allowed anywhere at the events unless written permission is given by the hosting owners.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas that will be clearly marked.
  • No fireworks are allowed at any event unless written permission is granted.
  • No firearms are allowed at any event with the exception of full time, certified law enforcement personnel and active concealed Texas hand gun permit holders. Anyone who wants to carry must have the written permission of the owners to carry at any event and must show proof of hand gun licensing.
  • No illegal drugs are allowed at any event. Zero tolerance.
  • Alcohol consumption is allowed in moderation, however belligerent or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No loud profanity is allowed at any event.
  • The speed limits at any events must be observed by all vehicles.
  • Pet owners must abide by the Pet Policy (Pet Policy is available for download).
  • No remote control flying devices of any kind without written management approval and this includes drones of any type.
  • Violent or verbally abusive behavior that harms or threatens will not be tolerated.
    If anyone’s behavior offends you, or if you are annoyed, embarrassed, stared at, or made to feel uncomfortable by anyone, or witness any violations of any of the Standards of Conduct, report it to the management/owners or to a member of the Membership Committee immediately! (Membership Committee members can be identified by the blue “medallion” worn around their neck).
  • We must respect the right of anonymity of all members and guests. We use first names or nicknames that people prefer for any members or guests who wish to remain anonymous.
  • For the relaxation of members and guests the use of cell phones in any area is highly discouraged except for the areas that have been designated for cell phone use. Just look for the signage showing OK to use cell phones here!
  • For purposes of sanitation, always sit on a towel.
  • Observe all posted rules including hot tub and swimming pool rules.  Remember… Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children. Children under 13 must be supervised. Children who are not toilet trained must wear clean diapers and plastic pants (or training pants) at all times including while in the pool areas or hot tub areas.
  • Preserve the beauty of any and all hosted areas, and do your part to keep it clean. Failure to abide by these Standards of Conduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including the loss of membership and or guest privileges with no refunds.Questions or complaints may be directed to any member of the Membership Committee or to the ownership/management team.

Pet Policy : In order to assure all members and guests an enjoyable and safe environment at our events, the following rules apply to all pet owners. Pet owners are responsible for familiarizing themselves with, and complying with, these regulations. A copy is available for download.

    • Any animal bite must be immediately reported to management and legal entities that are available. The pet owners will be legally responsible for all damages to persons or any facility that is damaged by their pets. The pet involved will be permanently barred from any future events.
    • All pets must be leashed and under their owner’s control at all times, unless tethered or confined within the boundaries of the tent or RV site. Leashes and tethers may be no more than 10 feet in length.
    • Pets are not allowed in any buildings, the pool/playground/hot tub area, on the ball courts, around the community kitchen and its outdoor eating areas.
    • All pet feces must be picked up immediately and disposed of in one of the trash dumpsters located around the property.
    • Port-o-potties and toilets are never to be used for disposal.
    • Owners of barking dogs or other noisy animals will be asked to attend to their pets immediately. If the disturbance continues, the owner will be told to remove the offending animal from the events. Pet owners who do not follow the above regulations will lose the privilege of bringing pets to any future events.
    • Except for the instance of pet bites, pet owners may petition the membership committee/owners to have this privilege reinstated. Once a final decision is made all parties must accept the final decisions that will be made in order to protect our community.

Smoking Policy

  • Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes and vap) is not allowed anywhere at the events except in the following marked designated smoking areas:
  • Designated smoking areas (and this includes vap.)
  • Inside any recreational vehicle with the permission of the owner.
  • The area at an annual campsite with the permission of the site holder.
  • Any events held in texas Marijuana is not allowed as it is illegal.
  • For any hosted events in colorado, Consistent with Colorado law, Marijuana may not be smoked openly and publicly or in a manner that endangers others anywhere at the events.
  • Smoking products such as ashes and butts must be properly disposed in a receptacle that is fireproof and designated as a receptacle for smoking and fire products.
  • At no time are such smoking or fire products to be thrown or left on the ground or other surfaces.
  • Smoking or using any open flame on any trails or unimproved areas of any event is extremely hazardous to persons and property. Any member or other person that is found smoking or using any open flame on any trail or unimproved area of an event will be immediately removed from the event and will have their membership and/or right to stay revoked. NO EXCEPTIONS. Safety is always the rule.